Monday, 4 July 2016

Introducing The 48 Movement

The 48 Movement

An eight-point post-Brexit programme to give direction and hope to those who voted to remain but are now fragmented, demoralised and frightened

[Note: there is now a new, slightly altered version of our eight-point programme.]

  1. Respect the referendum result to leave the EU but retain the outward-looking, inclusive values of those who voted to remain: many moderate Tories, Lib Dems, most of the Left, business people and trades unionists, most young people.
  2. Leave the institutions of the EU and aim for a form of close association which keeps those things which we collectively value, including economic integration through trade, environmental and social protections, human rights, and cross-border cooperation on security and defence.
  3. End free movement of labour from the EU (exempting Ireland), even if it means we cannot be members of the EU Single Market, and bring in a new system where EU and non-EU migration is treated equally.
  4. Avoid further cuts in public spending and maintain labour protection and environmental regulation.
  5. Develop a rescue plan for the economy with a radical programme of public investment to stave off unemployment, taking advantage of very low interest rates to borrow to invest, including reviving the rail investment plan and enabling councils and housing associations to build many more houses.
  6. Get business and government working together to coordinate skill training, business finance, public procurement, exports and research.
  7. Accelerate devolution in England but in a way which supports the “left behind” as well as the successful, and strengthen the financial base of local government.
  8. Strive to keep the United Kingdom together through the emergence in England of a powerful movement with the same liberal and social democratic values as in Scotland, and bring a more progressive spirit to issues like executive pay and the taxation of incomes and property.

Author: Vince Cable
Edited by: Brian Robinson