Tuesday, 5 July 2016

The Labour Party and Brexit

This is the second in our series of posts looking at UK political parties.

The tensions in the Labour Party - some would say all-out civil war - are bad for the country, which needs a clear message and sense of direction from the official Opposition in the wake of the Brexit vote. Jeremy Corbyn has an overwhelming mandate from Labour members. On the other hand, the majority of the party's MPs want him to go because they do not think they can win under his leadership.

At best this is a distraction and at worst it is a disaster. It allows the leaders of the Leave campaign, and those willing to fall into line with them, to keep the initiative. So it needs resolving, and soon.

The future of our country is more important than any politician, or any political party. The UK needs to heal, and to do so those who voted to remain in the EU, and those who did not but share our outward-looking, inclusive values, must unite.

Supporters and opponents of Jeremy Corbyn's leadership can agree on the desire to avoid further cuts to public spending, maintain labour protection, and launch a radical programme of public investment to rescue the economy. Together with an acceptance of the vote to leave the EU institutions, and the creation of a system under which EU and non-EU migration is treated equally, this could be the basis for a new consensus.

The 48 Movement therefore calls on Labour MPs, members and supporters to endorse our eight-point post-Brexit programme. Put differences aside for the sake of your country. The alternative is not just leaving the EU, but a bleak future where we get the worst possible version of Brexit. In the coming weeks we still have the opportunity to bring about positive, progressive change - but only together.