Thursday, 2 February 2017

It's been a while...

I am just posting this brief comment to acknowledge that it has been quite a while since this site was last updated.

The hiatus was due to my long term health problems, and a decision to focus my time and energy on philosophy work instead (I'm a postgraduate student). I felt I couldn't do everything, so this site had to be sacrificed, temporarily; but I have never lost belief in the importance of its message.

Finally, the antagonism on social media - especially Twitter - was disheartening and made it harder for me to keep trying to bring people together. Ironically that very difficulty shows how much it is needed. I believe people can, and should, disagree without flinging insults at each other.

Let's end the abuse.

I've never wanted this site to be about me - hence the "corporate identity" of The 48 Movement. Rather, this site is for everyone who shares the outward-looking, inclusive values of those who voted to remain in the EU - and many of those who did not.

We want our country back... from simplistic slogans, narrow nationalism, and the politics of division and hate.