Questions and Answers

Q: You voted to stay in the EU, so why do you want us to leave now?

A: We still do not want to leave, but Remain lost the vote. We accept the result of the referendum. Now it's time to try to heal the divisions.

Q: But the referendum is not legally binding, it's just advisory, so can't it just be ignored?

A: While that may be true legally, it's not true politically. Both sides made clear the result of the vote would be final, and it is right to honour that. And MPs with small majorities or in areas that were strongly in favour of Leave would fear a backlash if they voted against the wishes of the people. So, whether we want it or not Brexit is almost certain to happen.

Q: The result was close. Why can't we have another vote, and perhaps it would go the other way?

A: Perhaps it would; but if the result was close again, either to remain or to leave, would we have another vote after that? The uncertainty must end: a decision has been made.

Q: There are lots of different ideas of Brexit, so what about another referendum on the terms of leaving, when at least everyone will have a better idea what they're voting for?

A: The problem is that if the voters say no we would have voted in principle to leave the EU but against the specific plan, resulting in a stalemate - the uncertainty would continue and the divisions in our society would be intensified.

Q: But isn't it defeatist to accept the referendum result? Shouldn't we continue to fight for what we believe in by opposing leaving the EU?

A: The risk of that is twofold. First, the two sides will become more entrenched. We want the divisions to heal. Secondly, it allows those who ran the Leave campaign to determine what happens next. Only by building a new consensus can we influence our future outside the EU. Now more than ever the UK needs our outward-looking, inclusive values.

Q: One final question. If I want to support The 48 Movement and your eight-point programme, what can I do?

A: You can link to our site,, visit our Facebook page, and follow our Twitter account @The48Movement. And tell people about our eight-point post-Brexit programme with its aim of putting our country back together again.